Deep in the story of Jose Gaspar is where our Krewe of beautiful ladies found their name. An example of Gaspar's more human side comes from the story of his love for Ann Jeffrey, a beautiful English woman captured while on her way to visit her sister in Louisiana. Gaspar fell desperately in love with the young maiden and was intent on marrying her. But when the lovesick Gaspar proposed, Ann would not accept his offer confessing fearfully that she was in love with Batista, another one of his pirates.

Despite his certain instinct to have the lovers put to death in some cruel manner, Gaspar seized a merchant ship and agreed to set her free unharmed, cargo and crew intact, on the condition that Ann and Batista be married on board and carried safely back to England.

We, the Krewe of Ann Jefffey, live our mission statement: to live life with love, laughter, and leave behind a special legacy of hope for the future, by giving back to Tampa Bay.