Our Krewe Committees

Charity Committee

You will organize the Krewe’s involvement in charitable endeavors to include: Adult Disabilities and Autism. You will organize charity events to support our charities. Goal is to organize 1-2 events per year.

Costume Bead & Bling Committee

Costume: Costume committee is responsible for assisting new members with the production of their costume to ensure it meets set costume guidelines. You are also responsible for member adherence to costume guidelines to ensure their formal costume and bustiers are in compliance and meets the standard set by the board for a uniform and “elegant” appearance. You will also update, as needed, and publish the costume guidelines and provide them to the Membership Committee to include in the new member packet. Beads & Bling: You will design and organize the purchase/sale of KAJ items (clothing, pins, bags, etc.) and jewelry that reflects the festive Krewe theme. You will teach bead & belt management (how to set up a bead belt, the best type of beads, where to purchase, etc. to new members). You will organize a group bead buying event at Buccaneer Beads.

Float Committee

You will maintain appearance of the float, secure supplies, and coordinate maintenance of systems and schedule float work days.

Food & Beverage Committee

You will be in charge of coordinating food and refreshments needed for each parade including necessary paper products, cups, ice etc. You will set up and tear down before and after each parade and make sure all food items are cleaned up and properly stowed before the parade begins. The Food & Beverage Committee works closely with the float committee in making arrangements to deliver beverages prior to parade & clean-up after the parade (next day).

Fundraising Committee

The committee will be organizing fundraising events that benefit our charities. Goal is to organize 1-2 events per year and post them on the IKC event email. You are responsible for promoting KAJ.

Membership Committee

When new members are accepted, give bio info to the Website/Directory committee to update website/directory. Get their contact information updated on the KAJ email contact list. You will send the acceptance letter and packet to the new member. You will create and present their gift bag which will include the Krewe bead, copy of By-Laws and Krewe directory and costume guidelines. (Treasurer will send notice of dues). You will work with Social Committee on the August, September and October socials which will be membership drive socials.

Music Committee

You will maintain the music playlist, review, revise and organize as needed. Handle the playing of the music during the parades, responsible for set-up and take down of the equipment before and after each parade and maintenance/storage of equipment. IPod knowledge is a PLUS.

New Member Committee

Social Committee

You will be responsible for organizing pre/post parade gatherings and monthly informal socials. You will disseminate the IKC event email to the Krewe when received from the President /Vice-President. You will work with Membership Committee on the August, September and October socials which will be membership drive socials.

Website & Directory Committee

Website: You will be responsible for up-dating and maintaining the Krewe web site as needed. You will collect photos from parades, socials and events for the website. Directory: You are responsible for sending out KAJ birthday cards to members each month; organize, up-date and publish a yearly membership directory to be distributed to the krewe and included in the new member packet.