Charity & Community Service Committee

Charity and Community Service Committee (Board at Large Liaison: Teri Lyon)

  • Chair/Co Chair responsibilities
    • Arrange meetings with committee members (via Zoom, In person, Emails)
    • Attend Board meetings when requested to provide committee report.
    • Present your committee report at GMM meetings as requested by Board at Large Liaison.
    • Present charity events not specific to our mission to Board at Large Liaison for consideration of Krewe participation.
  • All Committee Member responsibilities
    • Hold a minimum of 2-3 charity events per year consistent with our mission.
    • Organize additional charity events at the discretion of the committee.
    • Organize member participation in events.
    • Promote event on KAJ website, Facebook, Instagram, Email and Group Text
    • Request President/VP to post on IKC as needed.
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