Float & Music Committee

Float/Music Committee (Board at Large Liaison: Kristi Riggio)

  • Chair/Co-Chair responsibilities
    • Arrange meetings with committee members (via Zoom, in-person, Emails).
    • Attend Board meetings when requested to provide committee report.
    • Present your committee report at GMM meetings as requested by Board at Large Liaison.
  • All Committee Member responsibilities
    • Clean and maintain float (includes upgrades, paint, repairs, etc.)
    • Arrange/coordinate float workdays.
    • Clean float prior to parades.
    • Decorate as appropriate each parade.
    • Arrange clean up after each parade, day following parades.
    • Stock supplies – TP, paper towels, garbage bags, etc.
    • Maintain generator – provide gas for parades, drain for summer.
    • Setup Commode service with Vendor
    • Arrange Bead drop off prior to parades /pick up after parades.
    • Maintain music equipment.
    • Store equipment during off-season.
    • Arrange with DJ for speaker setup/take down.
    • Secure equipment between parades.
    • Work with DJ to develop a playlist.
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