Hospitality Committee

Hospitality Committee (Board at Large Liaison: Kristi Riggio)

  • Chair/Co-Chair responsibilities
    • Arrange meetings with committee members (via Zoom, In-person, Emails)
    • Coordinate and organize New Member participation in Hospitality activities
    • Attend Board meetings when requested to provide a committee report.
    • Present your committee report at GMM meetings as requested by Board-at-Large Liaison.
  • All Committee Member Responsibilities
    • Provide food and beverage for members during parades (includes snacks, water, beer/alcohol and mixers)
    • Setup catering for Day parade and as needed for additional parades.
    • Stock float food related products i.e., paper plates, cups, napkins, serving bowls, utensils etc.
    • Deliver food and beverage to the float, day of prior to float departure from storage.
    • Pick up and stock coolers with ice day of parades prior to float departure from storage.
    • Set up in pre-staging, and prior to parade start, take down and store food and beverage prior to start of parade movement day of parade.
    • Take all excess garbage off the float prior to parade movement day of parade.
    • Day after the parade, clean float and remove all leftover food. Move all nonperishable items to secured storage.
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