Krewe Merchandising Committee

Krewe Merchandising (Board at Large Liaison: Nancy Hendrix)

  • Chair/Co Chair responsibilities
    • Arrange meetings with committee members (via Zoom, In person, Emails)
    • Attend Board meetings when requested to provide a committee report.
    • Present committee report at Quarterly meetings as requested by Board at Large Liaison.
    • Present Krewe merchandising ideas to the Board at Large Liaison to present to the Board for approval.
  • All Committee Member responsibilities
    • Solicit and secure vendors for Krewe Merchandise.
    • Establish a direct purchasing option, when possible, for merchandise that is size specific and cannot be ordered in bulk i.e., shirts.
    • Purchase and store all Merchandising items.
    • Establish price point for all merchandise to sell to members, excluding direct purchase items. Markup of minimum 10% of cost plus all fees including tax, shipping and handling charges for merchandise purchased from vendor or manufacturer.
    • Establish shipping and handling fees for Krewe merchandise if being mailed to Krewe members. Ship items to Krewe members as needed.
    • Collect monies via check, cash or credit card for all Merchandising sales.
    • Maintain records of inventory and all Merchandising sales. Submit monies collected to Treasurer.
    • Work with Website manager to update Krewe store inventory, pricing and delivery options.
    • Sell merchandise to membership at Socials and GMM meetings.
    • Coordinate with Social Committee for Inter Krewe Pin Trading Events.
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