New Member Committee

New Member Recruitment (Board at Large Liaison: Jen Canady)

  • Chair/Co Chair responsibilities
    • Arrange meetings with committee members (via Zoom, In person, Emails)
    • Attend Board meetings when requested to provide committee report.
    • Present your committee report at GMM meetings as requested by Board at Large Liaison.
  • All Committee Member responsibilities
    • Arrange venue and invite recruits to attend socials (minimum 1 per month) during recruitment period, June-Oct. Post on KAJ website, Official and Members only FB, Instagram and Group Text.
    • Log New Recruit information via electronic or written formats. Email all current members with New Recruit name for feedback (either at Recruitment social or from personal experience), to assist in Board approval process. All feedback must be received prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.
    • When advised by the Treasurer fees have been paid, send new member welcome letter including new member packet.
    • Notify Website manager and Executive board for inclusion in social media and all communication avenues.
    • Organize and present New Member Sponsor 101 meeting prior to December 15th (may be virtual).
    • Organize and present New Member 101 meeting prior to December 15th.
    • Present new members at Jan GMM to general membership and with welcome gift.
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